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About Us

Dreamed up and established in 2011, ONO SHAVE ICE brings a taste of the tropical islands to Oregon.

What is Hawaiian Shave Ice?
Shave ice is a traditional hawaiian delight!  Unlike its corse and hard Snow Cone cousin which is crushed ice chips, shave ice is finely shaved from a single block of ice creating a soft snowflake like texture that magically melts in your mouth not crunched between your teeth. Its accompanied by wonderful flavors from the standard strawberry, grape, and lemon to the amazing tropical flavors like guava, mango, and melona.  Along with yummy flavors are the special toppings including mochi, azuki beans, ice cream, with the favorite “snow cap” to top it all off.

Why Ono Shave Ice?
“Ono” is a hawaiian word meaning delicious!  Ono shave ice is the best in Oregon and dare we say in the mainland! We pride ourselves in bringing the authentic tradition and taste from hawaii to the mainland. Not only is it “ono” and hits the spot everytime but its also light on your wallet!

Where can you find us?
Keeping it “portlandia” we’ve joined the food cart culture. We’re roamers so look for the “silver bullet” cart and find us on facebook or twitter!

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